Safety and Good Practice

Depending on the dimensions you choose, your dresser could be quite tall and possibly quite slender.  Here are a few important points intended to keep you safe.

The brackets that we supply to attach the upper to the base must always be fitted and must not be removed unless you decide to move the dresser (more on moving your dresser, below).  These brackets are intended to keep the upper attached firmly to the base, meaning the upper can never slide off and cannot easily be tipped forwards.

Nevertheless, the dresser must always be sited with its back against a wall so it can’t be pushed over.

Please also be careful if you have chosen lots of drawers and especially if you’ve stored lots of heavy items in them.  To minimise the (already very small) risk of tipping do not open more than one drawer at once.

If you wish to move your dresser then we highly recommend separating it into its two parts, base and upper.  It’s easily done.  Slide it out from the wall and at the rear you’ll see two brackets that connect the upper to the base.  Remove the screws and take the brackets off.  The upper can then be lifted off the base and both parts can be moved independently. IMPORTANT: Remember to re-attach the joining brackets when the dresser’s in its new location.