Painted Dressers

Painted dressers — stylish and versatile. They make sense in so many situations and for so many reasons.LG colour chart

Firstly, they’re just look great. Our painted dressers have been carefully designed to sit well in both contemporary and classic settings.  And they’re well-made pieces of furniture, so they’ll last for a long time and keep looking good.

If you have a room that already has a number of surface types, timbers and colours then it can be difficult to introduce a new piece of furniture without causing visual clutter.  But it’s in this very situation that our painted dressers work well.  Choose a paint colour that blends well with (or even matches) some of your existing surfaces and you can slot your new painted dresser in beautifully.  Like it was custom made for the place… which, of course, it was.

We offer a huge range of colours too.  We’re a small craft business and don’t have a factory conveyor-belt type operation to keep rolling, so we can offer you much more choice.  If Farrow & Ball or Little Greene supply it in their estate eggshell (F&B) or intelligent eggshell (LG) ranges then you can have it.  Just let us know what you’d like.

Both those companies supply very high quality paint and we’re proud and happy to use them. Take a look at their websites for some ideas.  Both will be happy to send you out colour cards and sample pots.F&B colour chart

Paint lets you be as bold as you like.  You can choose to make a statement with some spectacular deep colour, or you can play it cool and understated.  We’ve painted dressers in more than one colour too, which often works well.  In a deep-coloured painted dresser you could paint the interior of the upper in white to really make the deep colour sing, and to lighten the overall visual weight.

And of course paint isn’t permanent if you want to make a change.  Say you move house or change the decor in your existing room.  Simply choose a new colour and repaint your dresser.

In most of our painted dressers we will typically have some natural wood too.  The natural lustre of sanded and oiled wood acts as a complement to the paint.  In fact the wood, the handles and the painted surfaces are all designed to add up to one harmonious whole.