Large Kitchen Dresser with Lighting and Power

This deluxe kitchen dresser is large and very well equipped. It’s near 1800mm wide and extra-tall to maximise the available storage space. It’s also extra-deep, at 590mm, because the client’s room had an alcove that could accommodate that depth without impacting on the rest of the room. That means the storage capabilities are vast.

The brief was for a dresser that stored crockery, glassware, cutlery, drinks, tableware, books, board games, placemats, coasters, utensils, household paperwork, magazines, gadgets, tech, chargers, cables and everyday clutter. It was to include a combination of closed storage, glazed display compartments, and totally open shelving, with plenty of drawer space for smaller items. The client requested built-in power for their hi-fi and for charging.

We refined our initial design concepts into this final piece:

  • Solid doors and drawers in the base to keep all sorts of contents tidy and out of sight. There really is a massive amount of storage in here, especially considering the extra depth, front to back.  The doors hide adjustable shelves inside.
  • The drawers in the base run on top-of-the-range soft-close runners from Blum.  Two of them also contain custom-made cutlery trays.
  • Two glazed doors in the upper give room for glassware.  We agreed to include lighting here to bring out the sparkle on the glasses.  As soon as we decided on lighting then it made sense to make the shelves in there glass, so the light would shine right down through them all.  Again the shelves are adjustable.
  • The clients cookery books are stored on the large central open shelving (again adjustable), with some ornaments below.
  • We also suggested a row of box-drawers in the upper for two reasons: firstly, they just look great, forming a crisp, maple-fronted line across the width, echoing the line of the solid maple worktop; secondly they’re perfect for holding all the smaller everyday “stuff” the client mentioned: tech, chargers, paperwork, etc. These box drawers come right out of the unit, so you can take them to the kitchen table, work through the contents then place them back when you’re done.
  • The built-in power sockets are on top of the worktop, at the right-hand end, at the back.
  • We installed some more lighting under the upper section to shine down on the worktop. It works as bright, task lighting when required but can be dimmed down to give an atmospheric glow.  This switching and dimming adjusts the lights behind the glazed doors too and is all done with no-touch “gesture control”.
  • The client decided on a two colour paint finish.  Quite a deep grey/blue combined with a crisp white to really make the darker colour pop.  They were both from Little Greene Paint, “Scree” and “Hi White”.