Dresser Buying Guide

Whether you’re going to use it as a kitchen dresser, a dining room dresser, or as a display and storage unit elsewhere in your home, here are a few useful points to consider when deciding on your purchase.

Our dressers' standard height and depth.
Our dressers’ standard height and depth.

Consider the size

Your dresser can be any size you like, to fit the space you have.  We suggest you measure your space twice, at both the top and the bottom of the space, and allow a bit of leeway as walls may not be completely true.

We typically make our kitchen dressers 2150mm tall and 560mm deep – see diagram opposite.  If you’re happy with those dimensions then the only decision you need to make is on the width of your dresser.  If would like like to change those dimensions though, then that’s no problem.  Just let us know when you get in touch.

As a rough guide, the width of a smaller kitchen dresser might typically be 700mm – 1100mm and a larger one will be from 1100mm upwards.  Our sample layouts show suggested configurations for small or large dressers.  If your space is medium sized then you could go either way.  Remember, whichever layout you choose, your dresser will be sized to fit your space.  NB: all sizes we quote have a tolerance of 5mm.

Just to emphasise one key point regarding sizing: please measure your space carefully and check that you will have no access issues at delivery time.  We custom make each dresser to the size you tell us.  If it doesn’t fit in the space you planned or you can’t get it to that space because of access problems then we can’t take it back and refund you.  We’re sorry we have to be so strict on this but we hope you’ll understand.

Dresser Layout

Once you know your size you can consider the layout.  Doors?  Drawers?  Shelves?  You decide what you want and we make it that way.  Simple.

Every household is different and here’s your chance to design the perfect dresser for yours. Have a think about what you’ll store and how you’ll use the dresser, as well as how you want it to look. Consider the following quick list. The items here might spark some thoughts about what would suit you best.  If you click here we’ll bring up a page showing some example dresser layouts (we’ll open it on another browser tab so you can flick between here and there easily).


Storing crockery is the most common use for a kitchen dresser.  Remember you can store crockery in deep drawers rather than cupboards though.  This works really well, especially with the full extension drawer runners we use on our dressers.  You won’t have to stretch deep into any shelves, reaching behind other items to retrieve anything.  It’s all visible and easily accessible in the drawer.

Working at Your Dresser

Our dressers are great for storage, but will you also work at the dresser? (like kneading dough?  piping icing?  chopping veg?)  If you’re going to work at it then think about leaving yourself some headroom above the worktop.  Talk to us about how much you need.

Display or Hide?

Use these box drawers to keep clutter at bay. Household paperwork and kids' homework can all be put away easily. Keep the clutter inside your dresser, not on the kitchen worksurfaces.
Keep household paperwork and homework tidy with these box drawers.

Do you want to display lots of items or do you prefer to have everything tucked away out of sight? By default our upper doors are glazed.  If you’d prefer to have everything out of sight then we can make them with solid painted panels or frosted glass instead of clear glass.  Just let us know.

Paperwork and Homework

Do you want space for storing paperwork, letters, homework and the like?  Kitchen dressers are so practical, and for more than just crockery.  Choose some box drawers to go into the upper section.  They’re designed to pull all the way out and can be carried away, say to the kitchen table, so you can sit down and work through the contents.  Once you’re done, stuff the remnants back in the box drawer and slide it back in the dresser.  Tidy, organised and out of the way.

Hobbies and Crafts

Box drawer keeps tech tidy
Box drawer keeps tech tidy

Do you have a particular hobby or enthusiasm that could be helped by particular types of storage (e.g. home baking or crafts).  We can do a totally custom layout for you so let us know what would suit you best.

Household Technology and Gadgets

Gadgets are great but they often clutter up your worksurfaces, especially the cables and chargers. Small box drawers are ideal for keeping them all tidy and out of sight but easily available.

Drawers versus Cupboards and Shelves

We love drawers on a dresser base.  So practical, so accessible and so versatile.  Especially with the top-of-the-range Blum runners we use.  They glide out easily to full extension, so even the back of the drawer box is accessible, then soft-close back in again, even filled with a heavy load.  When they’re fully extended you can look down and easily survey the entire contents.  And the deep ones really do hold an awful lot of stuff.

But then there’s something classic about some nice doors, moving on soft-close hinges.  We’ll typically do adjustable shelving inside, unless your layout really requires the extra strength of a fixed shelf (we’ll be able to advise on that though, no problem).

One thing worth pointing out is that reaching items at the back of a shelf in a low cupboard does take a bit of bending and stretching.  In the end though, the choice is of course yours.

Colour Choices

We source our paint from two renowned paint makers: Farrow & Ball and Little Greene Paint Co.  You can choose any colour at all from F&B’s “Estate Eggshell” range or Little Greene’s “Intelligent Eggshell” range.  Both companies have nice websites that might give you some inspiration.  It’s important to see the colours in real life though – computer screens and print-outs are notoriously inaccurate on colour reproduction.  Happily, both companies will supply you with colour chart leaflets and paint samples.

And remember, with painted furniture, the colour doesn’t have to be forever.  If you change your room’s colour scheme in years to come then just repaint your dresser.