Dresser Worktops

Your worktop might see a good bit of action, especially if it’s in a busy kitchen.  Appliances placed on top, dough scrapers cleaning off flour, spillages and more.  Our worktops are designed to stand up to that everyday abuse and stay beautiful.

Full stave oak dresser worktop
Oak worktop

They’re thick, solid wood, “full stave” tops.  That is, each plank runs the full length of the worktop (in contrast to conventional worktops that are made from many small pieces of wood joined together).  Full stave tops are a premium look for premium furniture.  Being natural wood, each worktop will look slightly different with its own character.

Full stave maple dresser worktop
Maple worktop

We oil them by hand with a high-end hardwax oil.  This means they’ll age well and will stand up to regular kitchen use.  The oil finish gives them two other great features: it brings out the rich glowing beauty of the wood; and it means the surface keeps that great tactile, woody feel.  We much prefer this over lacquers and varnishes which can put a plastic-like layer on the surface between your fingers and the wood.

If you’d like something other than oak or maple then get in touch and we can talk through your ideas.

If you’d like information about how to care for your worktop then see our worktop care page.