Our Pricing

Each dresser is priced individually according to the customer’s choices: size, layout and accessories.  So we do an individual quote for each customer.

The main factors that influence the price are the the size, the number of drawers, the number of doors and any accessories you choose (built-in power sockets, lighting and cutlery trays).

However to give you an idea of our pricing we’ve shown a couple of examples below.

Small and Simple

The first example is a small, elegant dresser with two doors on the base, open adjustable shelving in the upper section, and a solid oak worktop.  This would cost in the region of £2,950.

Large and Lavish

This second example is for a much larger dresser that’s been tricked out with some accessories.  This one has many doors and drawers, a solid maple top, built-in power sockets, and has gesture-controlled lighting inside and concealed above the worktop.  This one would cost somewhere around £6,000.