How would you like your dresser laid out?

At The Edinburgh Dresser Furniture Company you get to specify the layout of your dresser. That means you can choose any combination (and the sizing) of drawers, doors and open shelves.  For example you could choose a dresser base that’s all drawers, no cupboards.  And that two of those drawers are going to be deep ones.  And you could decide that your upper will have glazed doors at each end and some open shelving in the middle.

Or you could decide to have no drawers in the base, just cupboards; and just open shelving up top.  The point is that you get the storage that’s right for you – your perfect kitchen dresser. Bear in mind the chosen width of your dresser – obviously some layouts work better than others for a given width.  We’ll keep you right though if you need any advice.

To help you get started we’ve shown some example layouts below.  If you don’t see what you’d like there then talk to us – we’ll create exactly what you want.

Click on any of these to open a larger view.

Example bases for smaller dressers:

Example tops for smaller dressers:

Example bases for larger dressers:

Example tops for larger dressers: