Dining Room Dresser or Storage Cabinet?

We had the pleasure of delivering this dining room dresser this week.  It’s not strictly a dresser, more a storage cabinet.  It shows how flexible we can be, and how you can ask us for any kind of custom arrangement.

The brief was this: to create a cabinet to hold large amounts of home-office and business paperwork, but which would look elegant and appropriate in the family dining room.  It was to fit nicely in an alcove in the room.

We enjoyed working with the clients, a really nice family, to refine our initial concepts, agree the perfect dimensions, the layout, and finally the colour.

They wanted all the contents tucked away out of sight, tidy and organised.  Our response included a number of design concepts but this one was the favourite.  Doors to conceal robust and office-appropriate adjustable shelving, plus a drawer for the smaller items that might otherwise just loll around, untidily, on a shelf.

The small frosted glass panels at the top of the upper doors were our suggestion to just lighten the visual weight slightly.

The dimensions were chosen to fit the alcove elegantly and to maximise storage space by utilising the tall Edinburgh ceiling.  In addition we were careful to arrange the split between upper and lower sections to suit the box file dimensions being stored, making most effective use of the space.

The paint the clients chose was Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath which worked beautifully with the solid maple surface that divides upper and lower sections.