About Us and Our Handmade Dressers

All our dressers are custom-designed and handmade in Scotland.

The Edinburgh Dresser is actually a part of Organic Geometry, a bespoke furniture company founded and run by Alasdair Easton, a graduate of the noted Chippendale International School of Furniture.  It’s the same team in the same workshop that make the Edinburgh Dressers.  The idea behind the Edinburgh Dresser was to focus on one thing only, and do all the design, research, prototyping and refining up front. Having invested that time and effort once, there’s then no need to go through it for every commission. That means you get the high level of service and craftsmanship associated with a bespoke designer/maker for a lower cost.

We have no retail shop premises and we don’t sell through any such shops. Their overheads would add too much to the final price. Instead we choose to make to order and sell directly to our customers. It means the price is fair to us and great value for you.

Craft Skills and a Traditional Workshop

A Lie Neilsen Block Plane we use to add finishing touches to the edges of our handmade dressersWe’re the polar opposite of a factory operation. Our handmade dressers are designed and built in a small workshop near Gifford in a beautiful part of Scotland. If you’re picturing workbenches, sawdust, finely-honed hand planes and chisels, powerful saws, and a dog sleeping by the stove then you’re spot on. You’re welcome to come and visit. It’s part of our ethos: personal service and real connection with each customer, so feel free. Give us a call now and arrange a visit.

Our approach is simple — to use the best of everything.  We use the best of traditional and modern woodworking techniques.

The Finest Tools, the Best Materials

And we believe that good work can’t be done with poor tools. So we’ve invested in some of the best tools available.

Linseed flowering just outside our workshop door in East Lothian
Linseed flowering just outside our workshop door in East Lothian. Photo by Alasdair Easton

We make considered and intelligent choices of materials to maximise the performance, beauty and longevity of our dressers. So for example we use Poplar, a quality hardwood because it’s straight-grained and available from responsibly-managed abundant sources. It sands and takes paint really well. We also use premium quality Baltic Birch ply on some components for its supreme stability, strength and lightness, and for the way it takes paint for a great finish. Birch is also very abundant and comes from responsibly managed sources. We’ll use some MDF and also some glass for door panels within a Poplar frame because of their stability and finish.  And we choose the most appropriate solid hardwoods for the dresser worktops. For example Oak and Maple are both very hard, will outlast us all, and have great beauty.

High Quality Hardware

As for hardware, we choose Blum. They’re an Austrian company famous for good engineering. Hinges and drawer runners are all super-smooth and soft close (except where we specifically choose to make traditional wooden drawer runners). Indeed the drawer runners we choose are no-compromise top of the Blum range.

If you have any questions about our techniques, our materials or our hardware choices we’re always happy to talk.  Give us a call now.


All our dressers are made and painted by hand for that human touch, and wood is a natural material. That means that all our dressers have slight variations, and that’s part of what makes them each unique. We might also occasionally make minor changes to our design details, but nothing drastic.

Pip the workshop border terrier!The Help

Here he is, Pip the workshop Border Terrier! Ever-willing to help but sadly lacking in woodworking skills.